Recollections. // June 2018

Currently I’m…

Remembering… my birthday! This was my first international birthday celebration and my first birthday away from family. It was so special and I got crazy spoiled with amazing gifts, dinners, and experiences. My big present was a trip to the Blue Mountains for the day where we went shopping, took in the sites, and ate. I also got flowers sent from my mom and a surprise package from my sister and sister-in-law. 😀 Overall 23 ain’t too bad.

Drinking… chai lattes. I’ve always been a fan of chai lattes but for the month of May I was getting one every day from the coffee shop at the train station outside of my work. I’m what I like to call a chai snob a bit. I have a very specific taste of chai I like so finding a “good” chai for me is a bit difficult. (Man writing that out makes me seem super high maintenance… promise I’m not.) But I finally found a semi decent one. Still not the best I’ve had but for every day chai drinking it’s not bad. 😉

Eating… HelloFresh. (I promise this isn’t a conveniently placed ad. I pay for my HelloFresh and they did not contact me… they don’t even know me. Man I wish this was an ad…) We decided on getting our first HelloFresh box simply because we were wasting so much food since we weren’t sure how to buy for only two people. We also didn’t have time to meal plan. HelloFresh has exceeded our expectations. Not only does it reduce our food waste tenfold but it has given us so many great and tasty recipe suggestions.

Reading… For the past six months I have been really struggling with finding books to read and therefore haven’t read anything. This is the longest I have gone without reading anything so I decided for my birthday to treat my self to a LARGE book haul. And in that haul was the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. A book which had been recommended to me SO MUCH but I was hesitant to read because “self-help” books can be really hit or miss but man am I glad I finally gave in. It’s GREAT! I’m taking notes and can already see my thought process on creativity changing. 10/10.

Listening to… My Favorite Murder podcast. I am now a dedicated murderino. I started listening to the podcast in April but as of today I’m finally caught up with every single episode posted. A podcast involving all of my favorite things, true crime, murder, cats, funny quotes, and swearing. This podcast isn’t going to be for everyone… if you like well researched, well presented, beautifully and uniquely presented podcasts you probably won’t like this one. But if you enjoy two people bantering, discussing their favorite things, and sharing their favorite true crime and murders with you then you’ll probably enjoy this one. Karen and Georgia are my partners in crime during my daily commute to work and each episode is a wild ride that makes me laugh, cry, and freak out when walking from the bus stop alone at night.

This podcast inspired the 3 part blog series, My Favorite Murders that  I’ve been posting. It also gave me the courage to admit that I love talking about true crime and murder.

Watching… Community. Long ago I remember watching season one of Community but I stopped there (maybe for good reason) so I decided to watch it through to the end this time. I love Donald Glover and honestly he’s the only reason I decided to watch Community in the first place. His character Troy and Abed are some of the best, most wholesome characters I’ve encountered and that’s about the only good thing about Community. There’s a few funny episodes but overall it’s not the best show, especially in comparison to Brooklyn and my other favorites. It should have ended when it was scheduled to end but sometimes you can’t convince people to give it up. Overall it was a good show to put on in the background but I wouldn’t recommend committing your time to it.

Making A Murderer. How have I not watched this before?! If you’ve seen my 3 part murder series you know that the murder of Teresa Halbach and the whole Steven Avery case is one of my favorites because my family has a weird connection with him and we live about 20 minutes from where Steven Avery is from. This series is intense and very very interesting to watch. I will say that it is very biased and coming from a filmmaker that is under the impression that Steven Avery is innocent. But overall it’s great to see what happened with this trial that was going on when I was a bit too young to understand.

Loving… cleaning. Who would have thought I would ever say that. It’s actually a love-hate relationship with cleaning but of course it needs to be done sooo I chose to love it and make it a little more fun. The past month we kind of got really behind on cleaning so I had to take a couple days and power clean our apartment. Thank god that our apartment is small and it doesn’t take too long or else I would go crazy. But I also invested in some eco-friendly cleaning products so cleaning no longer means I get super light-headed from the chemicals and it makes me feel better about not hurting the environment. If you’re interested in what cleaning products I use let me know and I can possibly write a post on all the eco-friendly, cruelty free alternatives that I’ve found.

Looking Forward To… September. Simply because that means we will be a year out from our wedding which means I can start crazy planning. I’ve basically put planning on hold until then because it was stressing me out too much but once we hit our one year away mark I will go crazy and be able to book and contact everyone I need to. It also means WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! 😀

Working On… mindfulness. Pretty sure this was my working on in the last recollections post but I’m still working. 🙂 I haven’t been able to completely teach myself how to do everyday mindfulness but as part of my book haul I got a mindfulness journal which hopefully will inspire me to practice mindfulness either every morning or every night. Let me know any of your tips to incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life.


Lauren Elizabeth


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