My Favorite Murders | Part 2

*Disclaimer: I do not think murder is good. I obviously do not condone murder. I am not trying to glorify or sensationalize murder, serial killers, or death in any way. If you do not enjoy the title of this post… simply do not read it. Thank you.*

*This is part 2 of a 3 part series. Check out part 1 here.*

More of My Favorite Murders *In no particular order*

The Murder of Teresa Halbach If you are at all a true crime/murder fan you probably know the name Teresa Halbach and if you don’t know her name right out you will when I say the name, Steven Avery.

Another Wisconsin murder and the topic for the controversial Netflix series Making A Murderer, Steven Avery’s story is a bit crazy. Before the murder of Teresa Halbach Steven Avery had been convicted of rape and had served 18 years in prison before DNA evidence exonerated him of the crime. In 2003 he was released from prison and in 2005 would be accused of murder.

I’m usually not a fan of one-off murders but this one caught my attention since  it was so close to home, quite literally. Avery lived in a small town just a couple of towns away from where I lived and media presence was CRAZY during it. Just like small towns go, everyone knew something about Avery and had some sort of connection to him or his salvage yard.

There’s a lot of controversy over whether or not Avery actually committed the murder or not. And the more you look into the case the more you realize how much the legal system in small town Wisconsin has messed up and seemed to have framed Avery. Of course everyone in Wisconsin has their own opinions including my family (which I will keep to myself).

Check out that link and also if you have Netflix check out Making A Murder to get multiple opinions and stances on whether or not Steven Avery has once again been convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.

The Death of Caylee AnthonyI was actually really scared to mention this “murder” since no one was convicted and the case continues to remain virtually unsolved since no one knows what actually happened to Caylee. I will keep the rest of my opinions to myself but yeah…

I remember this happening so vividly. This case was covered so widely in the media and I followed along with the case on Nancy Grace’s TV show. It was overall really sad. A little girl was missing and found dead and everyone suspected Casey Anthony, Caylee’s mother due to her not reporting her daughter missing, lying to authorities, and overall just weird behavior through the entire process.

There’s so much information on this case it’s hard to go into detail so check the link to read the entire report from the moment Caylee was reported missing to the moment Casey was found not-guilty in the murder of her daughter. That’s right she was found not-guilty.

I watched every single day of the trial on TV and I think this case was officially the case that made me realize how much I was obsessed with true crime and law. Seeing the prosecution struggle to get reasonable doubt and the defense do a really good job at keeping up Casey’s innocence it was a heartbreaking look into how our justice system works.

Through the tragedy of it all some light came through. Four states have now adopted “Caylee’s Law” which makes it mandatory for a parent or guardian to notify police of a missing child under the age of 12 within 24 hours of them being missing.

Overall, the tragedy of Caylee’s death left me so angry after the verdict was announced when I was 16. It also gave me so much incite into the workings of law and law enforcement. Which is why I included it in the list of “My Favorite Murders”.


*Both these murders are very controversial and the outcomes have been hotly contested. We are all entitled to our opinions but keeping them on Reddit would be preferred.*

On a less incredibly heavy note, thank you for continuing to support my true crime, murder obsession by reading part 2 of 3! Part 3 is up next and will be a list of true crime entertainment recommendations and obsessions of mine!

Question of the day: Do you have any true crime or murder cases that hit close to home, either literally or figuratively? What’s your hometown murder?


Lauren Elizabeth


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