Giving Grace.

I’ve heard of the saying “give grace” before but never really gave it any thought. Until I recently heard “give grace” again and I realized how I can incorporate “give grace” into my own life.

I recently heard someone say “give grace, even to those who don’t deserve it” and it hit me hard. I recently have been getting angry with and judging others more than normally. I’ve been hard on my friends and strangers. I’ve made snap judgements without considering others feelings and situations they may be in currently. I realized I haven’t been giving much grace to others lately. I also haven’t been giving it to myself lately either.

Shortly after hearing “give grace…” I saw the “To the girl I was…” picture posted by one of my friends. I sat staring at the picture realizing I’m still struggling with what I like to call “past life Lauren”. I’m struggling with the things I’ve been through, the people I’ve hurt, the people I involved myself with, etc. I haven’t forgiven “past life Lauren”. I still get made and embarrassed by her. Even though I know what I went through then has made me the person I am now. I don’t regret my “past life”, I never will. But just because I don’t regret it doesn’t mean I’m over it. I realized I needed to “give grace” to my “past life”.

So, what’s giving grace to me? Simply, giving yourself and others a break.

Remembering that others have emotional baggage and struggles too. Remembering that everyone has a story, including myself, and that story is sacred. Remembering that others give grace to you so why not return the favor.

Giving grace is a new concept to me so it will take time for me to remember to give grace to others and myself. It won’t happen overnight. It will take a lot of self-reflection, a lot of writing, and a lot of love. And that’s okay.

Instead of expecting an overnight change or realization I’ve made “give grace” my goal for May and eventually my goal for the rest of 2018.


Lauren Elizabeth


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