I’m Getting Married?!

*Cover photo shot by: Angel Henschel Photography (My talented best friend and maid of honor. You can check out more of our engagement photos on her website)*

This isn’t news. Its been announced for awhile. But wedding planning has officially started and that means it seems all new again. T and I got engaged in November while on vacation in the Great Barrier Reef.

When it happened it was a little unbelievable to me, not that T had decided to propose, we had discussed it before due to the fact that we were in extreme long distance and knew we didn’t want to fight through that for much longer. But unbelievable in the fact that I never thought I would get married. I always had the dream when I was little but for the last couple years and the last couple relationships that weren’t so good (they were terrible, lets just say it). I figured I’d stay single and just be a strong independent woman who focused on her career. But we all know life doesn’t turn out like you suspect it. And this time for the good.

The Ring

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I was hesitant (still am a little) for talking about and “showing off” my ring. I don’t really know why. I get real weird when friends and family member ask to see the ring. The “oohh’s and ahhh’s” over it make my anxiety sky rocket so maybe that’s why. BUT I know that will be a question so I’ll get it over with now. ūüėČ

I am in love¬†with my beautiful ring. My fiance designed it by himself for me. He had barely any prompts from me and we only shortly discussed what I would like for a ring. I had hinted at wanting a vintage looking ring. I love the 1920s, art deco era so I wanted my ring to echo that but still have a modern feel to it. The only other hint I gave was I wanted silver not gold. And T nailed it. It is beautiful. It is more than I could have ever imagined. It’s very unique and I find myself catching glimpses of it and smiling because it’s so perfect.

The Wedding Plans (so far)

I feel like I’ve planned and dreamed more about the honeymoon than anything else regarding the wedding but now the wedding is creeping up closer and closer (not really, I’m just a really big planner) I’ve gone into planning mode a little bit more.

The date is tentatively set for September 2019. We’re planning on having a relaxed, casual, rustic wedding with the theme revolving around, “Adventure Awaits”. T and I met and fell in love at the summer camp we worked at so we wanted to keep those aspects in our wedding. The only other thing I have set in stone is the wedding colors of black, white, and a dusty lavender palette.

I think I’ve also dreamt more of my wedding dress than the wedding as a whole. But of course I’m going to keep it a secret until the wedding day. The only hints I’ll give are lace, slinky, and 1920s/Great Gatsby inspired.

Do you want more wedding themed posts as I plan? I might make Wedding Wednesday a thing if I can come up with more to talk about with planning, etc.

Are you in the process of planning or have recently planned a wedding? Let’s discuss together below! Our own little wedding planning community!


Lauren Elizabeth 


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