My Favorite Murders. | Part 1

*Disclaimer: I do not think murder is good. I obviously do not condone murder. I am not trying to glorify or sensationalize murder, serial killers, or death in any way. If you do not enjoy the title of this post… simply do not read it. Thank you.*

*This is part 1 of a 3 part series*

I recently discovered the great minds and humor of Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark from the My Favorite Murder podcast and have become slightly obsessed. MFM is a hugely popular podcast featuring two lady comedians having a casual conversation about their favorite murders and true crime happenings around the world. The reason why they started this podcast was because they felt like they couldn’t talk about their love of true crime and murder with most of their friends. Which is exactly how I have always felt about my interest in serial killers, murders, and gruesome true crime.

Since a very young age I’ve been extremely interested in serial killers and murders. My mom thought it was super weird and once I got older my friends also found it strange. My best friend was the only other person I could talk about true crime with throughout school and still to this day one of the only people that will talk to me for hours about serial killers and murders.

I found that finding out about the psychology and sociology of true crime was what interested me the most. I loved hearing the reasons why and loved watching interviews with the murderers themselves. I always thought who wouldn’t be interested in digging into a mind different than your own? I found it weird that I lived in Wisconsin, which I swear is a breeding ground for serial killers and gruesome murders, and no one wanted to indulge in talks about true crime. I felt pretty alone in my interests until finding the My Favorite Murder podcast late in my true crime, murdery obsession.

After finding the podcast which was raved about all over the internet and from my co-workers from my internship I finally gave in and gave it a listen and was hooked from episode 1. I realized that I wasn’t alone in having a true crime obsession.

Soooo…. what are my favorite murders? Well here’s the answer to the question you never asked or wanted to know the answer to.

My Favorite Murders *In no particular order*

Jeffrey DahmerTalking about Wisconsin being a breeding ground for serial killers… Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the first serial killers I remember hearing about. Also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, he murdered men and boys between 1978 and 1991.¬†Long story short, Dahmer raped and murdered gay men and kept and ate body parts and organs of his victims. (WHAT?!) Dahmer was convicted of 16 murders and sentenced to 16 life imprisonments in 1992. Dahmer was killed by another prisoner in the Columbia Correctional Institution (which I volunteered at in college to teach poetry long after Dahmer was there- side note fun fact) in 1994.

I became obsessed with his murders at about 10 years old and I would go to the library to look up newspaper articles all about Dahmer.  His killing spree was way before I even existed but Dahmer is a household name in Wisconsin and my mom had a friend who knew and worked with Jeffrey Dahmer and said he was a nice guy and you would never expect that he did that. He was also decently good looking and looked like a family friend we had growing up. So I was fascinated by this man.

Click that Wikipedia link to get all the information on his gruesome murders and my favorite part of it all, what his apartment looked like when the police apprehended him.

Ed GeinWomp there it is… here’s another Wisconsin murderer. Also know as The Butcher of Plainfield, Gein was a murderer and body snatcher. He’s also the inspiration for many horror movies including Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Silence of the Lambs. He murdered as well as robbed multiple graves and made furniture out of their skin, bones, and various body parts. His murders and grave robbing from 1947 to 1952. In 1957 Gein was convicted of one count of murder and found guilty by reason of insanity. He spent the rest of his life in Wisconsin state mental hospitals.

Again, Gein is a household name in Wisconsin and became incredibly popular due to him being the inspiration for a lot of movies and characters. My grandpa told me about Gein at a pretty dang young age and I was super engrossed in his stories and would beg him to tell me about him over and over again. Gein is one of the first murderers I remember hearing about.

Click that link to get all the information on Ed Gein and the best part, the things authorities found in his home. It’s great.

Just realized that this is going to be a multiple part series (3? Check the top under the disclaimer to see what I decide) because it’s going to be way too long if I do it all in one. So stay tuned for part 2 as I finish up my favorite murders and possibly part 3 which I talk about my favorite true crime and murdery podcasts and TV shows.

Lets discuss! Are you a true crime junkie? What are your favorite murders? Let me know!


Lauren Elizabeth



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