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I’m a big sucker for favorites posts. I love seeing what other people are enjoying each month and they always give me suggestions for new things to try out. I’ve never posted my own favorites posts simply because I’ve never figured out an interesting way to tell you all about what I’ve been loving. I didn’t simply want to list out products I’ve loved with Amazon links I wanted to look back at the month with purpose. Then I figured it out CATEGORIES! And not having to use bullet points or lists but just stream of consciousness writing. So here’s a look back on February…

Currently I’m…

Remembering… Japan. I took a trip to Japan back in November and it was one of the best travel experiences I’ve had. Being able to step that much out of my comfort zone and experience a culture that is so unique and amazing was great and most of February I was missing and looking back at pictures with fond memories.

Drinking… tea of all kinds. I’ve always been an avid tea drinker. It’s the only caffeinated drink I can drink without my anxiety going off the charts so it’s my coffee. In February I was mostly drinking English Breakfast with a bit of sugar and on the days I was feeling a bit under the weather green tea with a bit of natural honey was my go-to.

And when I’m not feeling the hot tea, iced tea is my go-to. Specifically peach iced tea. It’s been a pretty good mix of drinking Fuze and Real Iced Tea Co. peach tea. If you’re not worried about the amount of sugar you are in-taking then I’d recommend them, if you are stay away, stay far away because man there’s a lot of sugar in both these teas.

Eating… Thai food! Moving to Australia made me realize how much better the range of food is and I’ve been able to expand my palate (wow that sounds pretentious) a lot more. Thai food has slowly become my favorite. Even though with my peanut allergy a lot of it is off limits I find a lot of dishes that are nut free and have insanely great flavor… which I’m not used to but love.

Reading… not much… I’ve been struggling with finding new books to read in 2018. I was really inspired to read a lot in 2017 since I set a pretty lofty goal of 50 books read in a year (spoiler alert: I didn’t even really come close to that). I’ve set a more attainable goal of 30 books in 2018 but at this rate I’m even going to struggle with that. If you have any recommendations for me let me know.

Listening to… The Greatest Showman soundtrack because COME ON it’s the greatest. I’ve also been listening to (and unfortunately loving) *sigh* Reputation by Taylor Swift. I hate TSwift so much but she makes freaking catchy music.

I’ve also been looking for some podcasts to listen to on public transport commutes. I’m a big fan of writing and true crime podcasts so if you have any recommendations throw them my way.

Watching… Grey’s Anatomy. I was home for most of February (home being Wisconsin, USA) and it was freaking cold and I didn’t have much to do so the Netflix binging commenced. I’ve already binged Grey’s once before but there are never too many times you can watch Grey’s.

Also been obsessed with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I watched all seasons and caught up a couple months ago and found my brand new favorite show. It’s hilarious so of course I had to rewatch it and I basically watched all four season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on AUS Netflix in a week. I need to find a hobby soon instead of binging Netflix…

Loving… skincare! I’ve finally found the perfect products for my skin. I’ve never really struggled with bad skin (thankfully) but I’ve had the occasional hormonal breakouts and blackheads but since changing my skincare my skin has become glow-y and clear. And the best part about my skincare routine is it’s TWO PRODUCTS: Angels on Bare Skin by Lush Cosmetics and the Lavender Mario Badescu facial spray. I’ve also stopped wearing foundation and only wearing a brightening moisturizer. Overall my skin has improved immensely since simplifying my routine.

I’ve also been loving Lush Cosmetics overall. Which seems kind of basic since EVERYONE loves Lush but since transitioning all of my body products to cruelty free they have been my go to body care provider. I also love treating myself to bath bombs and bubble bars since they have beautiful scents and work so well over any other bath product I’ve used.

Looking Forward To… settling into my Australian routine. I still can’t believe I’ve moved to the other side of the world and I’m excited to start settling into a routine here in Australia. I’m also excited to *hopefully* start getting some job offers and start a job here. Because damn it’s expensive to live in Sydney. We moved into our apartment the end of February so I’m also very excited to start decorating and making a home. As much as we can in a small 2 bedroom city apartment.

Working On… staying present, meditation, and mindfulness. Recently I’ve found myself struggling with anxiety much more. For the past two years I was managing it very well and after all these sudden life changes and needing to adult my anxiety took control of my life. I’ve noticed that I struggle staying present in every day life. That ranges from not appreciating the little things to completely checking out when things get tough. So I’ve been trying out meditation techniques and aromatherapy to help stay present and relax me. So far, so good. Hopefully I can keep going with it.

Let me know if you enjoy these longer stream of consciousness posts. I’d like to try to do them every month/every other month just as a look back for me (and a way to stay present in my life… shoutout to my working on category!).


Lauren Elizabeth



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