Moving to the Other Side.

As many of you probably know I spent September-December traveling and living abroad in Australia. It was part of my gap year between college graduation and transitioning into full time work. It was also a test run for deciding if I was going to make the semi-permanent/permanent move to Australia.

After my great experience in Sydney and traveling around Australia I decided to apply for a more long term visa rather than the ETA for tourism. I took the leap in January and lodged my application for Australia’s Work and Holiday visa. Which allows me to work in Australia for up to a year (with other restrictions). I assumed it would take a couple weeks to be granted the visa/I was afraid they had granted all available American visas already. But the visa gods were working in my favor and I was immediately granted the visa. WOO!

So on February 16th, I will be making the semi-permanent move to Sydney for the year. Fulfilling my lifelong dream of living abroad for an extended period of time.

I’m very excited to start working once again and start a life in the beautiful country of Australia. I’m also very excited to share my experience. If you are interested in any posts about my visa experience or my experience as an American living abroad please let me know as I will be sharing my experience all year long. And if you have any advice for being a foreigner living abroad send a message my way.

As for right now I’ve been packing and trying to decide what I’m going to bring in two suitcases for a year aka the most impossible thing to do. As well as communicating with contacts for job opportunities aka the second most impossible thing to do while overseas.

I’m so excited for this new chapter I’m about to write. I am so fortunate to be able to experience this and will never forget this opportunity.

Here’s to starting a new life.

Here’s to taking the leap into something scary.

Here’s to moving to the other side of the world.


Lauren Elizabeth


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