Going Cruelty Free?

*I’m definitely not an expert on this all. Please do your own research to determine your own opinions.*

I have never in my life made New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve never been good at keeping them. I put too much pressure on myself. So on and so forth. But this new year I decided to make one main resolution. One main goal to work on throughout the year and adopt into my life. I decided to make the transition to use all cruelty free makeup and body products.

I’ve always wanted to try and make the transition to cruelty free but thought it was just too hard. Which is true in some ways and others not. I’m not one of those people to watch any graphic video on what animal testing does and then make the decision. I’ve actually never watched one of those videos and have only seen a couple pictures depicting animal testing. And I’m not super keen to watch/see them either. I know that animal testing is cruel and unnecessary and something I don’t want to support. So I made the leap.

On the 1st of January I threw away all my cruelty free makeup and body products, which was a lot, and started the process of buying from cruelty free brands. I did extensive research a couple months before the new year and had a list of products and brands I intended to buy from. Throughout the research process I realized there are so many different aspects to going cruelty free and things that you have to consider. Such as, whether you are going to support brands that have parent companies who test on animals, brands that sell in China, whether you want to use PETA as a resource etc. I’m not going to bore you with all of the details of the complexity of cruelty free, you can do your own research through some links I’ll provide below from sources I found useful. (I did not once stumble onto the PETA website, just as a personal preference.)

After my research I decided for my personal cruelty free journey I would not buy from brands known to animal test and would not buy from brands who sell in China (China requires animal testing by law). As of now I am still buying from brands whose parent company (the bigger company that owns them) do test but the brand themselves do not. I found it a little too difficult to start out using strictly cruelty free on every level.

So now that we’re pretty far into the new year I can proudly say that I am officially cruelty free in all of my body and makeup products! Yayy! I want to continue writing posts about the products that I enjoy or use that are cruelty free so if you have any suggestions or questions let me know!

Cruelty Free Sources I Used

Cruelty Free Youtubers

JkissaMakeup- All her videos feature cruelty free products only!

Kristen Leanne

Kiera Rose– Cruelty Free and Vegan!

Cruelty Free Info Videos

JkissaMakeup- “I’m Cruelty Free!”

Kristen Leanne- “Parent Companies That Aren’t Cruelty Free?!”

Kristen Leanne- “My Switch to Cruelty Free”

Websites with Cruelty Free Brand Lists

Leaping Bunny– My go-to. They have an app too!

Cruelty-Free Kitty– Includes both Leaping Bunny and PETA certified brands.

Logical Harmony– Overall great website for all things cruelty free.


Lauren Elizabeth



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