Tunes Tuesday: When Love Falls Apart (by Eric)

I’m blessed to be surrounded by incredibly talented writers in my life. And one of them recently asked me if he could guest blog on my blog and I thought “WHY HAVEN’T I THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE?!” So I present to you my first ever guest blog by my lovely new friend, Eric.


Artist: Tilian

Album: Perfect Enemy

Song: Tug of War

You may know Tilian from being the front man for rock band, Dance Gavin Dance. But, his outrageously vulnerable sophomore album, Perfect Enemy, shows his pure, unique vocals bringing emotions and feelings come to life. His lead single, Tug of War, conveys the true struggle of a push/pull relationship. His repeated lyric, “We’re not making sense”, will hit home to anyone who’s felt a relationship coming to an end. P.S. – One of my favorite albums.


Artist: Lights

Album: Acoustic

EP Song: Romance Is…

If you’re are not familiar with Lights, please drop what you’re doing and check her out now. Her acoustic performances are second to none, and her soothing tones will put you at ease. Her song, Romance Is…, is one of the most beautifully complex songs I have ever heard. With each listen, her lyrics will convey deeper meanings and metaphors for what we perceive romance to really be. Please take your time with this song, and give it many, many listens. And just let your mind wander.


Artist: A Day To Remember

Album: Homesick

Song: If It Means A Lot You

This popular song may have already hit your music loving ears, but it’s a song that never gets old. Even when two people love each, sometimes outside circumstances can slowly tear you apart. Long distance relationships are the first thing that come to mind. When you really want to make things work, but you you knew deep down it just wasn’t going to last. When Jeremy belts out, “Don’t you dare say we can just be friends”, he’s letting her know that this is the final nail in the coffin, and portraying exactly how much this girl meant to him. The feels are real with this one. Enjoy.


Artist: Meg and Dia

Album: Here, Here, and Here

Song: Bored of Your Love

The cutesy relationship ending song is your classic situation. Not being able to compromise, wishing your partner was more attentive, and just wanting “feel” loved. People don’t usually know what they have until its gone, and it sounds as though that may have happened in this song. He tries to salvage her love near the end, but she’s has already moved on. Don’t take for granted what you have.


Artist: Sleeping with Sirens

Album: If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack. EP

Song: Don’t Forgot About Me

This adorable little love song always makes me smile. It sounds as though a relationship came to end, but on good terms. Two people realized that things were over for now, but you never know what the future may hold. There were no regrets for what they once shared, and only time will tell if the universe will pull them back together.


Artist: Issues

Album: Issues (Self Titled)

Song: Tears on the Runway Pt. 2

Commitment is hard. Trusting someone is hard. Love can be scary, and sometimes people run, even when things seem perfect. It’s tough to be vulnerable, and honestly needs to happen in any relationship. Don’t play games, just be straight up with people. Sorry, for the rant, but this song just feels like the girl wasn’t able to fully commit to this man. “I don’t want to try to pretend I’m somebody else, take me as I am or be left alone.”

Meet Eric:

26 year old cat lover. TWLOHA family member. Amateur writer with professional feelings. Detroit/Satellite Beach.

Go follow his blog, Dear Sad Ghost.


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