Heavy & Light 2017

I had only heard of To Write Love On Her Arms Heavy & Light in passing. To be honest I really had no idea what the hell it meant or what happened. All I knew was that Jon Foreman was usually there and it was held at the House of Blues. That’s literally it. So attending my first Heavy & Light with a staff shirt on as an intern made the night a little bit more special.

If you’re unfamiliar with Heavy & Light it’s described as, “an evening of songs, conversation, and hope”. It’s not a benefit concert, it’s not a fundraiser. The main goal is send every single person who attends home with a brochure of resources so that possibly at least one person can get the help they need and deserve.

I was able to help take pictures at the step and repeat. I got to directly interact with supporters shortly and I got to tell them, “thank you for being here”. They were able to take that anyway they wanted and that’s the beauty of it all. That’s the beauty of the night. You could be at Heavy & Light knowing everything about TWLOHA and our mission or you could be there just to enjoy some music and spoken word. You could take the night as you wished. That’s what I loved about the event.

I loved that I got to work it and that I got to watch the entire event. Overall, for me Heavy & Light was an important reminder as to why I’m doing this internship. A reminder as to why I’m here in general. And a reminder of why I want to stay and continue letting people know that their story is important for years to come after leaving Florida.

P.S. If you couldn’t attend Heavy & Light you can watch it in entirety here.


Lauren Elizabeth

*I intern at TWLOHA. Everything here, however, is my personal opinion and is not read or approved before it is posted. Opinions, conclusions and other information expressed here do no necessarily reflect the views of TWLOHA.*


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