5 States… 10 Hours…

The time has come for my big move from WI to FL for my internship with To Write Love on Her Arms for 4 months… And I’m driving it. If you’re wondering how long that trip is… Around 20 hours (without stops), 24 hours with stops, a little over 1,300 miles. Very do-able and actually incredibly easy if you don’t hit traffic in the many many big cities you get to drive through. And I get to do the 24 hour travel with my trusty Australian co-pilot and an awesome playlist as our soundtrack for the next ridiculous amount of hours in a small Toyota Corolla together.

Thankfully today the drive was easy from 7:30am to 7:30pm. Hitting minimal traffic besides outside of Nashville. We called it a day in Mufreesboro, TN and we have around 10 hours left until we get to our first destination of Orlando, FL for holiday. Because when you are traveling with an Australian who has never gone to Disney World before you go to Disney World. We’ll have a couple days of Disney fun before he heads home and I head off to my first day at my internship.

With 10 hours under our belt we have about 10 more to go but since we’re making INCREDIBLE time we’re going to sleep in, take our time, and get to a city just outside of Orlando tomorrow.

For now our tentative schedule is…

Wednesday- Travel Day       Thursday- Manatees and Gators     Friday-Sunday- Disney/Universal   Monday- Enjoy FL

But for now it’s goodnight from Mufreesboro, TN.


Lauren Elizabeth


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