4 years later…

It feels like just yesterday I was starting this blog because one of my Comm professors told me to my Freshman year of university. (Yes, this blog has been around for about 4 years now- it’s just started and restarted multiple times) It feels like just yesterday I was living in a dorm with a roommate that I hated not knowing what the heck I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It feels like just yesterday I was calling my mom halfway through my first year crying because “I don’t want to go to school here anymore”.

And now, here I am. I just registered for my last semester of university. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts Management and Creative Writing. I’ll be leaving behind my involvement as a student leader for our on campus women’s center and my involvement in our on campus at-risk youth poetry project. I’ll be leaving a place I now call home. I’ll be leaving friends I now call family. And everything is¬†really¬†crazy.

But I’m ready for my big steps into adulthood which will be starting a lot sooner than most second semester seniors. After this semester I am completely done with my on-campus academic classes. The only thing I have left before graduation is to complete my Externship (a full-time internship placement in a non-profit organization outside of my university’s city). If you’ve been following this blog you’ve probably seen and already are annoyed at how much I talk about this internship but this is one of my big steps into adulthood. (Find out about my internship in depth here and here)

I’ll be moving out of the state I was born and raised in to live in Florida for 4 months. That’s a 24 hour drive away from where I’m used to. It’s a big step for me. And it’s the beginning of a beautiful journey. In May, I will come back to Wisconsin for graduation and work at summer camp for another summer and then after that who knows.

I have plans to travel and write for awhile. But ultimately I will have to find that elusive “adult job”. I dream of working with at-risk youth and art but I’m open to exploring every possibility that is thrown my way.

I would have never guessed I would be doing what I am doing and preparing for as big of a move as I am now as a Freshman in university so who knows where I’ll be 4 more years from now…


Lauren Elizabeth


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