It Takes a Village…

As many of you already know I recently accepted an internship at the organization of my dreams, To Write Love On Her Arms. You can read about that here, I’m Still Writing My Story;

I’m currently finishing up the relevant paperwork and will be sending that in the next few days and I’m more than excited. There’s still a little over 2 months until this adventure truly begins but I’m still just as excited as when I received that acceptance email.

However, while budgeting out financials I realized I might need some help… The internship is a 15 week full-time (40 hours a week) internship and unpaid. I have never followed my dreams because of money and I have never let money get in the way of my dreams but I do need some help… So I started a YouCaring page!

All donations I receive will go towards my living expenses, gas, groceries, and emergency funds. I will be paying for all entertainment and extra curricular related activities once in Florida. If you are able to spare a few dollars (or even more) I would be forever grateful. Even if you are unable to donate at this time a share on one (or all) of your own social media platforms would help enormously.

You can find my YouCaring page here: or if you would feel more comfortable donating to me directly (and not through a host) please email me directly at

It take a village to make dreams come true. I’m here to change lives. I’m here to inspire others to keep writing their story.


Lauren Elizabeth


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