Something New: Weekly Meal Prep

Welcome to a new post series on Lauren Elizabeth Says… Something New is where I discuss what I’ve recently tried for the first time and whether or not I liked it or it was worth my time. I’ve been pushing myself out of my comfort zone lately with trying new things and expanding my horizons a bit so I decided to document that because that’s what you do if you’re 20 something… Not everything will be out of this world amazing but it will be new.

If you’ve been on any kind of social media for the past few years then you’ve probably seen at least one of your friends post about meal prepping… I know my fitness savvy friends and vegan friends have been all about meal prepping so I decided to try it out…

What is it? 

Meal prepping is where you make a week’s worth of meals in one go so you don’t have to worry about it during the week. Meal prep’s vary from prepping literally every single meal you have during the week to only one meal a day. It’s said to keep your diet in check, save money, and be efficient.

What I did…

Source: Buzzfeed/Tasty

For my first dabble in meal prepping I decided to do a lunch/dinner meal. I found a super simple recipe on Tasty and recreated it to the best of my ability with some twists.

The Chicken Burrito Bowl recipe made 4 large meals for less than $20 and took me maybe 2 hours for prep, cooking, and clean up.

I also made some minor changes to the recipe which I substituted salsa for diced tomatoes and green chili and I added avocado to the bowl since I had a ‘cado ripe and ready.

How was it? 

The recipe was AMAZING. All of the flavors together made for an out of this world burrito bowl similar to what you get at Chipotle. It was also super simple to do and incredibly cost effective.

Meal prepping also made my mornings so much easier. Instead of getting up to make lunch I could sleep in or take my time getting ready. It was incredibly easy to just grab my tupperware out of the fridge and go in the morning not having to worry about throwing together a random bag lunch.


Eating the same exact thing 4 days in a row can get old… By day 4 I didn’t really want to eat another burrito bowl… And my chicken by day 3 was incredibly dry. I don’t think there’s really anyway around this problem and this was the reason I was hesitant to try meal prepping in general. I like variety in my meals and meal prep doesn’t really allow you to do that.

Sum it up…

Overall I really enjoyed this recipe and will probably meal prep with different recipes in the future. Even though variety is lacking it is incredibly easy to do and saves so much time. I also didn’t have to worry about not having something the eat or forgetting lunch. I’m excited to experiment in breakfast meal preps and other fun recipes online.

For anyone who’s busy or lazy during the work/school week meal prepping is definitely something you should look into…


Lauren Elizabeth



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