Welcome to Senior Year

I never actually thought this day would come… That I would be a senior in college getting ready to venture into the real world. I’ve been in school for 16 years and it has felt never ending. My university journey has been anything but conventional but here I am a semester away… 15 weeks away from earning my Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management and Creative Writing.

I started my university journey not wanting to go to university… I had a terrible senIon year of college and struggled immensely with mental health and college was the last thing on my mind. But my parents insisted I go on to get an undergraduate degree so I found myself auditioning for dance programs… A couple months later and acceptance letters to multiple prestigious dance schools I found myself at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point following the footsteps of my sisters who also attended UWSP. My dreams of becoming a professional modern dancer halted after a knee injury. I was a first year student with no clue what the hell I wanted to do which wasn’t uncommon but scared me none the less. After some exploring I decided on a major in Arts Management but that wouldn’t last long… After a short stint as an English education major and a psychology major I made my way back to the Arts Mangement major and added on Creative Writing my junior year… And now here we are.

Finishing up my degree program with capstone classes and writing heavy schedule. My next challenge is finding an externship for next semester before I can officially receive my diploma.

It’s going to be a crazy whirlwind of a year and I’m so ready to go.


Lauren Elizabeth 


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